Wendy is a nature and landscape photographer living in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Her keen eye for photography can be visualized through her ability to capture light and depth, drama and character of a scene, that was born out of a deep appreciation and desire to be surrounded by nature. Photography became an early passion, revealed by her desire to capture a glimpse of the vast landscape. She received her first camera at age ten while visiting her grandparent’s home in Missouri. She enjoyed exploring near her grandparent’s property hiking through the woods, discovering how to use her first camera. It wasn’t until the digital age of photography that she invested in her first DSLR camera and began researching and learning the art of photography. She cultured the tools to produce an image, not as a two-dimensional scene on paper, but she wanted to share the beauty of a scene as it appears to the naked eye, capturing the full details of the shadows, lighting, and color, drawing the viewer into experiencing a moment of her reality.
Her daily inspiration comes from the magnificence that surrounds her in Colorado. She is often amazed by the grandeur of the Rocky Mountain landscape, each time she ventures out or returns to a location, whether it be the changing seasons, time of the day, or the fog lurking over the terrain, she notices something unique and original. Her love for nature and the outdoors inspired her over the years to take photographs that define experiences and encapsulate the emotion she feels when traveling to various scenic areas. The mountains surrounded by the amazing landscape are the perfect palette to express her artform and ultimately inspire those viewing her work.
Photographs portray a lasting connection with the natural elements, lighting, emotion, and events in time. Wendy uses the tools of photography that are crafted in composition and style to create images that awaken the senses to the beauty of visual arts.
It is often when immersed in nature that she feels a great appreciation and gratitude for something much greater than herself. It is her hope and desire to inspire others through her images and create an atmosphere of peace and tranquility for the soul through the beauty of our natural environment. Photography is an adventure and Wendy is eager to explore what new path of landscape opportunities awaits her.


Please contact me via my contact page for prints!  I take great care in printing on the finest papers and materials available.  I print on dye-sub aluminum, fine art canvas, and fine art paper.  I can also do framing and sizing depends on the image, so please let me know your artistic needs for your home, office or gifts!  I look forward to working with you!


Published Outdoor Photographer Magazine April 2015 Issue


Published Outdoor Photographer Magazine December 2014 Issue


Published Denver Life Home and Design Magazine Spring/Summer 2014 Issue


Photo of the Day Outdoor Photographer Magazine April 2014


Published Denver Life Home and Design Magazine Fall/Winter 2013 Issue


Photo of the Day Outdoor Photographer Magazine Nov. 2013


Best of Fall Winner Penrose Art Show 2013

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